1:1 VIP Days

Get unstuck or simply stay on track with an exclusive day focused on you...

Whether you’re a department manager looking for clarity on a specific issue or an executive looking to elevate a key team member, C4 Talent 1:1 VIP Days offer you a quick and actionable roadmap to achieving your goals.

What does VIP Day mean?

A VIP day is a virtual or in-person event that allows you to spend the entire day dedicated to working with an expert. We're helping you get something done in a day rather than spending weeks creating it.

What happens on a VIP Day?

You will get private 1:1 access to an expert to address what is most pressing and important for the business or your career. You get 8 hours of intensive and focused coaching, education, and strategizing. The VIP Day is personalized to you and your work.

Examples of VIP Day Projects:

  • Coaching
  • Process Mapping
  • Annual Strategic Brainstorming
  • Single subject education (see Customized Projects as ideas)
  • and much more…

Outline of a VIP Day

  • Pre-VIP Day Call: We outline the needs and agree upon the expectations of the day
  • Day of VIP Day: Work through outline and deliver on expectations of the day (virtual is recorded and the individual has access to recording for one month)
  • Post VIP Day - Follow up in 30 days to answer any outstanding questions

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