Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you help small businesses?

A: Absolutely! Whether your company is 1 person or 5,000 employees, we can support you with your people and development needs. We have individual programs to elevate current staff, group programs and corporate services that can make your talent needs easier and more effective.

Q: What kinds of experts does C4 Talent have?

A: Our experts are tenured leaders and practitioners in their respective specialties. They include labor attorneys, certified total rewards professionals, leading L&D experts, high profile talent management leaders, just to name a few. Plus plenty of C-Suite folks to answer your burning questions.

Q:  How will the HR programs help me advance my career?

A: C4 Talent has created a professional practice-like experience, like physicians or attorneys, who value the opportunity to learn from real-world experiences and can put the learnings directly into action. As a paying participant, you’ll get access to live Q&A sessions, group mentorship, monthly events and/or 1:1 coaching.

Q: How will C4 programs benefit higher level HR roles?

A: With C4, you will have access to professionals just like you, who can support you directly. Whether it’s answering questions to ensure you’re on the right track, help you uncover blockers, or help you develop a new plan for yourself or your company, the team at C4 has the experience you need to make you successful.