Fractional HR Support

Your largest assets are your people. It's time to dedicate the right attention and resources to ensuring that your investment is creating a positive impact for your company.

With 80% of the Profit and Loss Statement dedicated to talent, it's time to elevate your HR department with a seasoned, strategic CHRO to attract, retain and engage your employees with the proper attention and knowledge.

A Fractional CHRO bring insights, experience and planning for a fraction of the cost of a full time employee.

Human Resources is a diverse and expansive practice requiring different levels of experience and expertise to ensure organizations sustain their greatest asset, its employees.  Many companies are challenged to staff at the various levels and with the specialities needed given business priorities.

Executive Human Resource Expertise - Flexible Solutions

Facing rapid growth, unexpected turnovers or schedule disruptions - it can be difficult to sustain effective management of complex human resource programs. Fractional HR offers you valuable knowledge tailored to your business needs and goals.  Whether it’s strategic leadership to define and design human capital initiatives to scheduled People responsibilities in need of support, fractional support can alleviate the pressure and clear the path to success.

What could you do with an Expert-On-Demand each month


Build the corporate culture, structures and professional development paths so your team’s efficacy translates into success.

Strategic Guidance

Make your talent acquisition, retention, performance and development plans a part of your overall long-term growth goals.

Compliance Check

Navigate risks to ensure your organizational and talent procedures comply with complex regulations and are ready for the upcoming changes.

Service Provider Initiatives

Get advice or assistance with establishing, onboarding or managing your relationship with systems, payroll and benefit vendors.

Talent Management

From attraction to retirement, set up systems, increase communications, and develop impactful programs to enhance engagement and help your team succeed.

HR ER Projects

Address specific or timely needs such as audits, merger integrations, provider transitions and more.

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What’s more cost effective for your organization?

A full-time CHRO could cost you $350+K annually all in.

A full time Director could cost you up to $250K annually all in.

A full time Manager could cost you up to $150K annually all in.

A Specialist (payroll, benefits, systems, talent acquisition, trainer, etc) could cost you up to $100k annually all in.

The answer...Fractional HR Support

On Demand Expertise from seasoned practitioners who can focus immediately with little to no ramp up time….priceless.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does Fractional HR cost?

A: The price of expertise ranges depending on the need. Because you will work with seasoned experts who bring knowledge and previous experience, the time to complete is significantly reduced giving you focused attention and quicker results.

Q: Is payroll a part of the services?

A: Fractional HR Support is not a PEO however, if you need to outsource the responsibility of managing payroll and ensuring compliance, fractional HR support is the answer. It removes the administrative burden on your HR or finance team allowing them to focus more on business objectives.

Q: Do you handle recruitment?

A: Outsourcing your talent acquisition is a great way to ensure your in house resources are focused on engagement and effectiveness. At C4 Talent, we offer the whole package from strategizing and training leaders to onboarding.

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