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Unsure where to start now that you’ve got your foot in the door?

Need help navigating in your new leadership role?

Struggling with uncertainty or burnout as an executive?

Intuitively, each of us has what is needed to elevate ourselves beyond current habits and knowledge. We work to re-discover the possibilities of your own brilliance and focus on developing new ways of thinking to support long-term growth, bringing impact and value to any area of your life.

C4 Coaching Programs are designed to give you the tools to elevate your life and career beyond acquiring technical skills. Wherever you are in your career, we can be your ally for success and growth.

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C-Suite Career Accelerator

6 month Program to consistently lead high-impact results as an Executive 

This Accelerator is for C-Suite professionals who are ready to make the long-term investment in their personal and professional growth so they can start making high-impact business decisions long into the future. This program guides executives toward greater self-awareness, organizational effectiveness and personal fulfillment with access to bi-weekly 1:1 coaching sessions, leadership training, on-demand access to expert support and more!

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Leadership Career Enrichment

16 week Program to build confidence for Managers & Directors

This Enrichment is for Experienced People Leaders who are ready to invest in taking their career to the next level need expert feedback and consistent allyship to move beyond their technical skills . This program takes a 'wholistic' approach to enriching leaders with access to our litany of proven tools and resources, as well as 1:1 coaching sessions to delve deep into your personal needs and goals.

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Initiate Career Enhancement

8 week Program to accelerate learning for any newcomer

This Enhancement is for those just joining the People space - be it a recent graduate or someone pivoting from another field - who need a coaching program that gets you up and running NOW! This program lays the foundation for enhancing your knowledge beyond technical skills to be successful in any role. Get access to proven tools, expert knowledge, an expansive library and group coaching to support your plan of action. 

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    Whether you are the leader of an organization or new to human resources, these programs will help you develop the fundamental skills needed to be successful in the modern workplace. Improve communication, increase emotional intelligence, gain powerful team-building tools, manage priorities or strengthen your executive presence.

    We work from the inside out, rewiring your brain to achieve more than you ever thought possible. The result? A brain that is more resilient, creative and adaptable – one that is wired for success. Our clients report increased confidence, clarity, and focus, as well as improved relationships, productivity, and overall well-being.

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