C4 Index

90 Days to Coordinate New Talent

As Your People Partners, our team of experts have put together a one of a kind onboarding and culture experience which enculturates, supports, plans and elevates new employees to your organization.

Averaging only a couple of hours every two weeks, participants and companies benefit from training in emotional intelligence, recognition of diverse working styles of individuals and teams, personal assessments and clear communication of the company’s vision.


Establish a healthy sense of self and social awareness in alignment with core values so teams can be more collaborative, transparent and productive


Create a shared language and engagement style to encourage confident and agile decision making which mitigates organizational discord


Utilize industry assessments gauging personal/professional goals and working styles to set performance and success strategies


Foster engaged and committed personnel through empathetic career development and mentorship programs

Through assessments, coaching and action planning, the program’s elements help raise awareness, learn organizational styles, build strong teams and cultivate shared language.

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