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Things that make you go....hmmmmmm This article encourages leaders to prioritize honing their management abilities and offer assistance in identifying opportunities for growth and leveraging strengths.







 When people reach out for support for their organizations, especially for the "people"portion of their company, I remember these quotes above.  


If you believe 'you've tried everything', look at the first quote.  There are limits to what one individual can fully comprehend and even fewer areas in which they can truly excel as experts.


If your employees don't care about how your business is doing and they just generally have the behavior of 'I just work here', look at the second quote.  You haven't taken the time to figure out what motivates your people and how their value impacts your company's value.


Many managers, leaders, owners, and executives often believe they have mastered the art of motivating and inspiring their teams. However, with over 32 years of experience in managerial roles and executive positions within the realm of Human Resources, I can attest to the prevalent blind spots that exist between perceived skills and actual competencies. 


And you know what....That's OK!


As a leader with a team under your guidance, you possess a wealth of expertise and knowledge in your field. You have the ability to empower them with your background, experiences in your specific area, and offer guidance for their success. However, have you prioritized honing your management skills? Research by Gartner reveals that managers typically allocate only 9% of their time to enhancing these crucial abilities.



Just like cat owners go nose blind until a guest enters their home, we can help you sniff out where you have opportunities and expand on your strengths.  Whether as an individual leader, a team of leaders or your entire organization (regardless if your company is 5 people or 500 people), we've got some amazing tools in our toolbox to identify individuals motivations, communication styles, triggers and drivers.  

What could it look like if you fostered a culture of continuous learning and growth within your team, empowering them to take ownership, leverage diverse perspectives, and align their work strategically with the organization's goals?

What could it look like if you proactively identified and addressed potential roadblocks, while also implementing a metrics-driven approach to measure your team's impact and success, ensuring alignment with the company's key performance indicators?

You Matter,

Carol Fraser, CEO

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