Newsletter 24-4: Fostering Effective Organizational Change Together

We’ve seen ongoing change and adjustments now for 4 years on how we all do business together. Sometimes, it’s important to iterate on a company’s mission, vision and values based on this past sweeping change. However, some company owners and leaders are revamping their organizational values without consulting the executive team or utilizing feedback from their employee engagement surveys. I would like to take a moment to discuss the potential pitfalls of such actions and how they can impact a teams' motivation, performance assessment, and overall engagement.

It goes without saying that a company's values are the foundational principles that guide daily actions, decisions, and interactions. They are essential in shaping culture and creating a cohesive work environment. However, when the responsibility of defining values and assessing behaviors that align with those values falls solely on one person, it becomes exceedingly difficult to motivate teams.

The absence of a collective effort to define and communicate the expectations of what 'good' looks like in light of the new values can lead to confusion and uncertainty among employees. Performance assessments become subjective and arbitrary as individuals may have different interpretations of these undefined values. This lack of clarity hinders the ability to provide constructive feedback, identify areas of development, and recognize exemplary performance.

Furthermore, undertaking changes in silos without involving the entire executive team and seeking input from the employees creates disengagement and undermines productivity. Each team member is left trying to decipher what is expected of them, resulting in wasted time and energy that could be invested in fulfilling business objectives. This situation is akin to building a plane while it's flying, a metaphor we have become all too familiar with during these challenging times.

It is my firm belief that after four uncertain years since the onset of theCOVID pandemic, we must take stock of the lessons we have learned. It is time to acknowledge the value of collaboration and expertise, particularly from within your human resources department. HR professionals possess a profound understanding of human behavior and can offer valuable insights into implementing and facilitating successful organizational changes.

Therefore, I strongly urge all company owners and leaders to listen to the wisdom and expertise of your HR professionals, who can help us navigate the complexities of change. If you do not currently have someone at that level, I encourage you to consider providing them with a coach or bringing in a fractional Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO). Their presence will help reduce chaos, ensure effective communication, and pave the way for a smoother transition.

We are here to support,

Carol Fraser, CEO

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