Employee Engagement: Unveiling the Impact of Reason, Season, and Lifetime Connections

In this thought-provoking article, we explore the powerful concept of reason, season, and lifetime connections in the context of employee engagement. Drawing parallels to the people who enter our lives, we delve into the unique contributions and motivations of employees in different phases of their careers. From recognizing the value of specific skills to fostering growth opportunities and cultivating lifelong advocates, we uncover practical strategies for employers to optimize these connections and create an environment where employees feel valued, motivated, and inspired to contribute their best. Discover the transformative potential of understanding and leveraging the diverse roles employees play and their profound impact on organizational success.

This is what they say when people enter your life. 

They are there for a reason – to deeply impact your life, to teach you important lessons, to shape your perspective, or to guide you towards growth and self-discovery.


They are there for a season – not meant to stay forever, but to play a significant role in a particular phase of your life. They may bring joy, companionship, or support in your journey, fulfilling a specific purpose during that time.


There are there for a lifetime – these are the rare connections that withstand the tests of time. They are your soulmates, your family, your lifelong partners who remain constant, regardless of the changes and challenges that life brings.

It’s time for employers to recognize the same profound impact their employees can have. The traditional corporate approach and outdated mindset are no longer effective in inspiring and leading a motivated workforce.

Your employees are there for a reason –

They bring unique skills and expertise to your company, which they have tirelessly cultivated. They understand the value of their knowledge and refuse to let it be taken for granted. While they may view their work as a means to an end, ensuring fair compensation and benefits, they also have diverse interests and passions beyond their job roles.

Demanding more from these employees without considering their personal motivations and boundaries will create friction and dissatisfaction. Leaders must understand and appreciate the immense benefits these individuals bring without constantly pressuring them to assume additional responsibilities.

Instead, employers can help these employees best understand how their roles, skills, and knowledge contribute to the overall success of the company. Recognize and reward their unique contributions and take the time to genuinely understand what motivates them. Avoid pushing them into roles or responsibilities they haven't expressed a desire for voluntarily.


Your employees are there for a season –

They bring personal interest and curiosity to the company alongside their skills and expertise. They are eager to learn and grow, constantly seeking opportunities to enhance their value and impact within the organization. Their time at the company becomes a stepping stone toward achieving their goals and professional aspirations.

While leaders appreciate these employees, it is essential to remember that not every company can fulfill every individual's growth expectations. Setting realistic expectations and fostering a healthy departure when they move on ensures they continue to speak highly of their time with the company and remain potential returning talents. Overburdening these engaged employees with excessive work before they are ready will lead to burnout and decreased effectiveness.

If employers aim to retain these employees, a balanced approach is crucial. Gradually nurture their growth, ensuring they excel at each step along the way. Provide coaching and support on both tangible and intangible skills. Recognition and promotion become tangible rewards for their dedication and efforts. Offer them opportunities to showcase their newfound abilities, allowing others to benefit as well.


Your employees stay for a lifetime –

When a person's passion aligns with a company's mission, it sets the stage for a lifelong employee. Whether they are dedicated individual contributors or have the potential to build an entire career, their strong sense of purpose and their vision for their part in achieving company goals make them invaluable advocates.

These employees embody the qualities of both reason and season employees. Their commitment is driven by various factors, such as their backgrounds, values, passions, or a well-balanced life. Understanding their"why" is essential to maximizing their impact. Effective leaders adapt their leadership styles to cater to the diverse needs of these individuals, whether it's providing autonomy, mentorship, or structured support.

Employers must remain attuned and conscious of these lifetime employees. While they may not require constant recognition, they still deserve appreciation and acknowledgment. Their unwavering dedication and stability form the backbone of the company. Listen to their insights and experiences, as their profound understanding of the organization often surpasses that of their superiors. Trust their judgment and value their contributions.

Recognizing the distinct roles and motivations of our employees is vital to building a thriving and engaged workforce. Whether they are there for a reason, a season, or a lifetime, each individual brings unique value and perspective to our company. By understanding their needs, offering support, and fostering a culture of appreciation, we can create an environment where employees feel seen, valued, and motivated to contribute their best. Let us strive to lead with empathy, harnessing the power of these connections to truly make a lasting impact on both hearts and heads.

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