Elevating the Impact of HR: Assessing Outputs, Addressing Inputs, and Understanding Career Pathways

As Human Resources (HR) professionals, our mission revolves around much morethan overseeing the basic workforce planning outputs: recruiting, compensation, performance management, career development, training, leadership development, and succession planning. To truly elevate our impact, we must also direct our focus towards the inputs and career experience components that drive successful and impactful outputs.

To ensure this balance in our roles, we need to ask ourselves some tough questions and accept the challenge of seeking solutions. Herein lies the opportunity to transition from transactional HR practitioners to strategic HR partners. This shift in perspective can be the difference between success and failure in the broader organizational context.

The HR Spotlight: A Self-Assessment of Your Outputs

As the first step towards greater HR effectiveness, introspectively evaluate the success of your workforce planning outputs. Ask yourself:

  • Have your recruitment and compensation strategies been successful in attracting top talent and retaining your crème-de-la-crème?
  • Does your performance management framework fuel motivation and breed fairness across the board?

Taking an honest inventory of your current outputs can reveal gaps that need immediate redress, or affirm practices that should be maintained or scaled.

Are You Involved in Input Conversations?

Remember, balance is key. As much as we are behind the outputs, we also need to drive the inputs: strategy and priorities, employee experience, job content, internal stakeholder data, and external market data. Reflect on your involvement:

  • Are you sitting at the table, engaging with upper management to align workforce planning with the organization's strategic goals?
  • Are you using employee feedback to enhance worker experience and operational strategies?
  • Are you utilizing internal and external data to make informed decisions about your workforce blueprint and trajectory?

Understanding and implementing these inputs can reshape your outputs substantially and tilt the scales towards success.

A Deep Dive Into Job Architecture and Market Trends

Job architecture, including job roles, hierarchy and potential career paths play a foundational role in workforce planning. Furthermore, having an eye on the market trends and aligning them to your job structures can give your organization a competitive edge.

  • Are you well-versed with your organization's job architecture and capable of managing the necessary changes it may need?
  • Are you up-to-date with market trends to enable effective future workforce decisions?

Grasping these aspects places you at the helm of innovation and agility within your organization, two attributes critical for growth and sustainability.

Expanding the Scope of Career Path Architecture

A well-designed career path architecture not only retains top talent but also attracts potential high performers. As you weave this intricate structure, think about:

  • Have you created growth opportunities that are accessible to all employees?
  • Is your career path architecture aligned with your organization's strategic goals?

Creating clear, inclusive career platforms can bolster your organization's capability to sustain its talent reservoir while enhancing employee satisfaction and commitment.

HR Effectiveness: Transitioning to Strategic Partnership

Having considered your current position in handling outputs and engaging in inputs, you stand at the precipice of transitioning from an operational HR role to a strategic partnership. This change gives you the power to drive meaningful results that align with organizational goals and cater to the dynamic needs of the workforce.

The Repercussions: Traversing the Best and Worst-case Scenarios

The repercussions of these self-questioning exercises can shape the future of your organization:

Best-case scenario:

  • A proactive, well-prepared workforce that is adaptable to future market changes.
  • Engaged employees enhancing productivity levels and driving innovation.
  • Successful attraction and retainment of a diverse range of top talents.
  • Higher levels of employee satisfaction and loyalty due to an inclusive and structured career path architecture.

Worst-case scenario:

  • A workforce struggling to keep up with changing market trends and industry advancements.
  • Lower productivity and innovation due to decreased employee engagement.
  • Inability to lure and retain excellent talent.
  • Employee stagnation and frustration due to a lack of growth opportunities.

These scenarios underline the much vital importance of addressing these questions and stringently acting upon the solutions.

Heading Towards the HR Horizon

As HR professionals, our roles involve careful management and strategic influence on the organization's most valuable asset—its people. The art of asking the right questions and taking appropriate action strengthens our workforce planning outputs, ultimately driving growth and success.

From engaging in input conversations, understanding and improving job architecture, to strategizing and implementing career path opportunities, lies our opportunity to build a robust, adaptable, and resilient workforce that drives the organization to new heights.


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